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The Deposit Protection Fund of Uganda (DPF) and
the Uganda Bankers Association (UBA) contribute UGX 440,325,000/=
DPF Response towards 
COVID-19 Pandemic

Deposit Protection Fund (DPF) donates
UGX 46,945,000 to Mildmay Uganda to
support their Covid-19 response.

The Deposit Protection Fund of Uganda (DPF) is a government agency that provides deposit insurance to customers of deposit-taking institutions licensed by Bank of Uganda.

The Deposit protection Fund of Uganda (DPF), which is also referred to as the Fund, was established as a separate legal entity following the enactment of the Financial Institutions (Amended) Act, 2016. Prior to this, DPF was managed by Bank of Uganda.

The process of operationalizing the Fund commenced….

Welcome to our website, which is our main online gateway for sharing information with the public. Complementary to our social media platforms, the website supports the traditional modes of communication with the public.

Once again, we are the Deposit Protection Fund of Uganda (DPF), a government agency that provides protection to customers of deposit- taking institutions licensed by Bank of Uganda.

The Deposit Protection Fund of Uganda (DPF) has released the Annual Report and Financial Statements for the Financial Year 2019/2020.

Total assets increased by UGX 129 billion or 19 percent from UGX 695 billion to UGX 824 billion as at June 30, 2019 and June 30, 2020 respectively. The growth was largely financed by the surplus and reserve account’ which increased by UGX 124 billion.

Total deposits in the banking sector grew by 24.8 percent from UGX 22 trillion in June 2019 to UGX 27 trillion in June 2020. This was due to increase in the number of accounts from 14 million to 16.7 million over the period. In addition, there was a slowdown in deposit withdrawals due to Covid-19 restrictions.

At the revised deposit protection limit of UGX 10 million, 98 percent of these accounts had balances of UGX 10 million and below, meaning they are fully protected by the DPF.

For more details, please download the full report.

In December 2019, The Fund advertised for available jobs to the public.

To view the full list of the previously advertised jobs, please click HERE.

The Fund would like to appreciate all those who participated in the recruitment process right from the start. Your presence surely made the process a success and we are humbled.

Just like any competitive process, there is usually a winner. We would like to congratulate all the candidates who have emerged as the overall winners for the various positions.

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